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How to Help Fillings Last As Long as Possible dentist fillings

How to Help Fillings Last As Long as Possible dentist fillings


patient with open mouth receiving dental filling drying procedure

How long do fillings last? View Larger Image composite resin, amalgam, porcelain and gold restorations

Let's Talk Dental Fillings: Procedure and Costs

Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

At Tower Smiles we are pleased to offer our clients an alternative to traditional Mercury Amalgam fillings and a more affordable option to Ceramic ...

Metal fillings vs tooth-colored fillings.

How Long Silver Amalgam Mercury Fillings Last

Procedure for Composite Fillings

Child getting dental filling

What's the Difference Between Metal and Composite Fillings?

White Fillings White Fillings

Restorative dentistry begins with fillings. When a tooth is damaged by decay, fillings help them remain structurally sound. Traditional fillings might be ...

What Determines How Long Composite Fillings Can Last? Silver Fillings Before Removal

What ...

When considering dental restoration or repair, a common question asked by our current and prospective clients is “How long do white fillings last?"

high quality photo of broken lower molar tooth with a filling

Porcelain & Composite Fillings

How Long Do Fillings Last?

Temporary dental filling picture

Can Mercury Leak From Amalgam Fillings?

Dental Fillings

How Long do Composite Fillings Last?

Which Type of Filling Lasts Longest, White or Silver?

Should You Replace all Your Amalgam Fillings?

Natural looking fillings in Clarksville, Tennessee

Modern Filling Techniques

Composite Resin Fillings

Amalgam fillings - Dr. Axe

Photo of a tooth with a cavity that your Oxnard dentist can treat

How Long do Tooth Fillings Last | Dental Excel Blog

tooth filling

SE - Watching cement dry could help dental fillings last longer - Queen Mary University of London

The composite material we use for our white fillings is completely safe and does not carry some of the risks that metal fillings can.

Close-up of female with open mouth during oral checkup at the dentist's Note to

Fillings When there is decay within a tooth, it must be taken care of immediately. If left untreated, it will continue to worsen, and over time can cause ...

White Fillings at your Winter Park, FL Dentist

mercury free fillings

Before Tooth Colored Fillings Benefits ...

Four Common Misconceptions About Dental Fillings

Removing my Amalgam Fillings | Real Food RN

Amalgam Fillings

... bonding gaps cosmetic dentistry smile makeover

Safe Amalgam Filling Removal Greenville SC - Before and After 01

Dental Fillings have been around for a long time, but in recent years new technology has changed the way dentists' provide this treatment.


Contact Baer Dental Designs Today To Start your Dental Filling Consultation

Bonding is one of the most important aspects to a successful, pain-free filling. Orchard dentists apply highly technical bonding techniques to help ensure ...

Composite Fillings Spring. You are no longer ...

dental fillings amherst nh

Types of Fillings

Dental Fillings in McAllen, Texas

How to Know if You Need a Dental Filling

An old black and white image of a woman getting a filling.

Dentist ...

... Getting a Filling? Dentist examining patient's teeth

Dental Fillings

If you put a bit of daily effort into keeping your teeth clean, your fillings will last longer and you will need less dentistry.

This is the tooth with the new filling. I had removed all the decay and

What is a dental filling?

Porcelain Fillings

Close-Up Of Woman At Dentist

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Reasons for composite fillings:

One of the biggest advantages to getting gold fillings is their durability. They are made of strong material that won't corrode over time or wear down from ...


Example of a metal filling vs. tooth-colored filling at Oxnard CA dentist

Dentists May See More Requests for Replacing Amalgam Fillings

A dental filling is a direct restoration used to repair a decayed or damaged tooth and is often the first line of defense in a tooth that has been ...

Dental fillings. Image Credit: Alila Medical Media / Shutterstock

raleigh composite fillings

Porcelain Fillings

fillings. “


Strong, durable white composite materials, carefully bonded can last as long and look more natural than old metal amalgam fillings

torgersen dental filling

White Fillings

kids dental fillings norfolk

An X-Ray of a mouth with fillings

Mercury Filling Replacement: Before and After

Why Dental Fillings Are a Common and Necessary Treatment That You Shouldn't Fear

tooth filling

Dental Fillings: Composite, Amalgam, Gold, Porcelain


3d render of teeth with inlay, onlay and crown filling in gums

Dental Fillings vs. Dental Sealants

We can place a composite resin filling fairly quickly. This is an affordable and durable restoration that will look similar to a regular tooth .

Very many fractures are invisible until the filling ...

Frequently Asked Questions About Composite Fillings