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This was recommended for my oily hair has made a huge difference

This was recommended for my oily hair has made a huge difference



Sure, there's an easy solution to greasy hair: Just wash it more often. But why should you have to be chained to your shower, a Sisyphus forever doomed to ...


If you're considering going no 'poo, or if you're already

It was supposed to only be a little experiment, because I simply couldn't imagine how this could even work. Since then I have tried ...

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Hair Washing Taylor Tobin Skitch

5 Shampoos for People Who Actually Have to Wash Their Hair Every Day. These products cleanse my oily ...

A 5-Step Routine To Wash Your Hair Less

get rid of greasy hair! (without dry shampoo). ☠

What Causes Dandruff? The Truth Behind 9 Common Dandruff Myths

I Washed My Hair With Dish Soap To Get Rid Of Greasy Locks And The Results Were Wild

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Woman wears long brown hair in loose wavy hairstyle

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Oily hair is the arch nemesis of hair goals. Greasy hair can throw off your whole appearance, turning your freshly washed hair into a sad and droopy mess, ...

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It's no different than your skincare regime. "

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Greasy hair is a common issue that we all face. There could be various causes for greasy hair; frequently touching the hair, too much stress, ...

Hair care mistakes

Shiny Hair Products Lead

That's me

Hard Water Vs. Soft Water – Effects On Your Hair


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Best For Oily Hair

Could ditching shampoo make your hair look the best it ever has? There's an underground movement of beauty aficionados and environmentalists who swear by ...

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For curly hair

I washed my hair with a different shampoo every day, for a week — and it was a gamechanger - HelloGiggles

Amazon.com : Cleansing Conditioner Cowash: Sulfate-Free and Keratin Safe, Won't Strip Hair or Cause Dryness. Soothing and Refreshing Mint, Safe for Natural, ...

Castor Oil with Olive Oil for Natural Hair Growth - Grow Hair Fast With Olive Oil

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair Growth

best drugstore products for hair types

Hair loss issues can be the primary concern

There's nothing worse than getting a beautiful blowout and having to wash it out the next day because of a greasy scalp. Thankfully, the hair gods created ...

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Jojoba oil is ideal for use in the hair, since it shares many characteristics with sebum, the oil our ...

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As you may be able to guess, coconut oil comes from coconuts. It is one of the most versatile oils in existence, and is also great for the skin.